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Summary of Gene's Lyke Wake Walk Crossings

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  Gene's Route  (Clickable Map available below)
  Gormire Lake, Boltby Scar (highest point on walk), Wethercote, Murton, Shaken Bridge, Newgate Bank, Roppa Edge, Helmsley Bank, Old Ford, Lund, Birk Nab Farm, Birk Nab, Sleightholme Dale, Cherry Tree Farm, Boon Hill, Faddell Rigg, Shepherd's Nab (The Nab), Hutton-le-Hole, Riccal Heads, Lastingham, Askew Rigg, Cropton, Roman Camps, Newton-on Rawcliffe, Newton Dale, Levisham Moor, Newgate Foot, Blakey Topping (detour), Crosscliff, Noddle Farm, Bickley Rigg Farm, Langdale End, Broxa, Lowdales, Whisperdales, Silpho Moor, Reasty Hill (not a summit), Surgate Brow Farm, Kirkless Farm, Ripley's Road, Cloughton, Court Green, Cloughton Wyke.

G dipped freshwater fingers in Gormire, sought the harmoniously congruous, integral tumulus on Boltby Scar, then marvelled at how easy it is to get away with monster-scale fly tipping on Roppa. Just call it sculpture and convince (some) folk of Rievaulx Moor's need of cosmetic enhancement. He trespassed to summit Birks Nab, Boon Hill, Shepherd's (The) Nab, and Riccal Heads, (noting a trig pillar of the wall space occupier, non-summit variety), and pushed on to Roman Camps and Newton-on-Rawcliffe, on e-less (Raw)cliffs both. Levisham Moor summit, poised above Horcum's Hole preceded a detour to Blakey, as in Topping, where, mused G, "Only know of one other, as in Roseberry. A Topping Walk t'would be twixt two." Crosscliff's summit, lost in trees, as was G, prob ain't Jerry Noddle, but point of emergence from Dales, as in Whisper, on Reasty Hill, a summit ain't, minus prob. Semitrespassing Ripley's Road, G finally finger dipped in briney at Cloughton, as in Wyke of choice, (Hayburn's alternative woulda added aqua fresh of the falling sort). G's LWW shares some features with The Missing Link, which, (they reckon), turns Cleveland Way into a circuit. Not too many features, G hopes, not least the name. Missing Link? How can it be missing if it exists? It was missing when it didn't exist! Well, even that ain't necessarily true, is it? No's the answer!

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