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6-1-12 King's How, Brund Fell (Grange Fell), Great Crag
  9-1-12 Binsey
  13-1-12 Skiddaw, Bakestall, Broad End, Hare Crag
  17-1-12 Sale Fells, Rivings
  23-1-12 Binsey
  27-1-12 Brown How, Whinlater Top, Lord's Seat, Broom Fell
  28-1-12 Watch Hill, Setmurthy Common, (The Hay)
  1-2-12 Longlands Fell, Lowthwaite Fell, Brae Fell
  3-2-12  Sale Fell, Rivings, Lothwaite
  6-2-12 Skiddaw, Broad End, Bakestall
  20-2-12 Volcán San Antonio (Trig Point), Volcán Teneguia
  21-2-12 Roque de los Muchachos, Pico de la Fuente Nueva
  (and subsidiary summit), Pared de Roberto, Pico de
  la Cruz
  23-2-12 Pico Birigoyo
  24-2-12 Pico Bejenado
  25-2-12 Cumbrera
  6-3-12 Catbells, Maiden Moor, High Spy (two summits)
  11-3-12 Raven Crag, High Tove, Armboth Fell
  17-3-12 Sale Fell, Rivings, Lothwaite
  25-3-12 Blencathra (East-west traverse: Scales Fell, Doddick
  Fell Top, Hallsfell Top, Gategill Fell Top, Blease Fell
  28-3-12  Hay Stacks
  15-4-12 High Pike
  17-4-12 The Binn
  24-4-12 Whin Rigg, Illgill Head
  30-4-12 Great Cockup, Meal Fell
  7-5-12 Rhodes
  23-5-12 Skiddaw, Watches, Ullock Pike, Longside Edge, Carl
  4-6-12 Binsey
  7-6-12 Marian Hill (Craigengerroch Hill)
  9-6-12 Kennedy's Cairn, Mull of Galloway (summit)
  10-6-12 Mull of Galloway (summit)
  24-6-12  Binsey, Whittas Park
  26-6-12 Seathwaite Fell, Great End, Lingmell
  28-6-12 Binsey
  12-7-12 Sale Fell, Lothwaite, Rivings
  31-7-12 Skiddaw, Carl Side, Carsleddam
  12-8-12 Esk Pike, Rossett Pike, (Minor summits on Black
  Crags and Littlegill Head)
  5-9-12 Sa Talaisa (Sa Talaia)
  7-9-12 Sa Torreta (Furnas, Es Fornas, Puig d'en Forns)
  10-9-12 Puig de Missa
  15-9-12 Binsey
  18-9-12 Thorn Crag, Loft Crag, Pike o' Stickle, Harrison
  Stickle, Pavey Ark, Thunacar Knott (two summits)
  4-10-12 High Hartsop Dodd, Dove Crag, Hart Crag, Fairfield,
  Cofa Pike, St Sunday Crag, Birks, Arnison Crag
  9-10-12 Wetherlam, Swirl How, Great Carrs, Little Carrs,
  Pike o' Blisco
 15-10-12 Base Brown, Green Gable, Kirk Fell (Two summits)
 22-10-12 Sale Fell, Lothwaite, Rivings
 26-10-12 Eagle Crag, Sergeant's Crag, High Raise, Ullscarf,
  High Saddle, Low Saddle (summits of Coldbarrow
  4-11-12 Skiddaw, Broad End, Bakestall
  5-11-12 Yewbarrow, Red Pike, Scoat Fell
 11-11-12 Hunthoof Pike, Green Bell (and subsidiary summit),
  Stockless, Randygill Top, Kensgriff, Yarlside
 18-11-12 Dodd (Skiddaw Dodd)
7-12-12 High Rigg (and various subsidiary summits)
10-12-12 Brock Crags (two summits), The Knott, High Street
11-12-12 Grisedale Pike, Hobcarton End
18-12-12 Loughrigg Fell (and subsidiary summit), Silver How,
Dow Bank


6-1-13 Black Fell
12-1-13 Binsey, Whittas Park
15-1-13 Sale Fell, Lothwaite, Rivings, Swarthy Hill
20-1-13 Great Calva, Little Calva
24-1-13 Ling Fell
28-1-13 Latrigg
30-1-13 Arthur's Seat, Nether Hill (The Lion's Haunch), Crow
Hill, Salisbury Craigs
31-1-13 Castle Rock (Edinburgh Castle)
1-2-13 Calton Hill
3-2-13 The Binn
6-2-13 Great Cockup (two summits), Little Cockup
10-2-13 Boulby Cliff and Trig Point
18-2-13 Skiddaw, Broad End
21-2-13 Lingmoor Fell, Side Pike
28-2-13 Morro do Furado, Pedras Brancas
2-3-13 Pico Ruivo (Pico Ruivo de Santana), Teixeira
6-3-13 Penha de Aguia (Eagle Rock)
7-3-13 Pico Ruivo do Paul (Pico Ruivo do Paul da Serra,
Ruivo do Paul)
17-3-13 Castle Crag
28-3-13 Binsey
1-4-13 Sale Fell, Rivings, Lothwaite
4-4-13 Wansfell (Baystones), Wansfell Pike
7-4-13 Ling Fell
8-4-13 Grisedale Pike, Hobcarton End
10-4-13 Clints Crags
13-4-13 Sale Fell, Rivings, Lothwaite
3-5-13 Gordale Scar, Malham Tarn, Malham Cove, Seaty
Hill, Great Close Hill
4-5-13 Rye Loaf Hill, Kirkby Fell, Pikedaw Hill
5-5-13 Cawden
6-5-13 Sharp Haw, (and southern subsidiary summit),
Rough Haw, (and northern subsidiary summit),
northern un-named summit (Flasby Fell)
10-5-13 Knott Rigg, Ard Crags, Rannerdale Knotts
2-6-13 Skiddaw, Watches, Ullock Pike, Longside Edge,
Carl Side, Sale How
8-6-13 WNBR (World Naked Bike Ride) London Naked Bike
15-6-13 Brae Fell, Little Sca Fell, Great Sca Fell, Knott, High
18-6-13 Blake Fell, Low Pen, High Pen, Burnbank Fell,
Owsen Fell
21-6-13 WNBR (World Naked Bike Ride) York Naked Bike
25-6-13 Ivinghoe Beacon, Ivinghoe Hills (two summits),
Gallows Hill, Steps Hill, Clipper Down
26-6-13 Haddington Hill, Coombe Hill (NE),
Coombe Hill (SW)
7-7-13 High Pike
10-7-13 Causey Pike, Rowling End, Scar Crags
13-7-13 Sale Fell, Rivings, Lothwaite
19-7-13 Helm Crag, Gibson Knott, Calf Crag, Steel Fell
22-7-13 Dodd (Skiddaw Dodd)
23-7-13 Ling Fell, Sale Fell
24-7-13 Bakestall
26-7-13 The Old Man of Coniston, Brim Fell
8-8-13 Sour Howes, Sallows, Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick,
Thornthwaite Crag, Troutbeck Tongue
25-8-13 Minaun, Achill Island
26-8-13 Slievemore
28-8-13 Nephin
31-8-13 Croagh Patrick
3-9-13 Dun Arann (Inishmore Aran Islands)
5-9-13 Knocknarea, Illaunmore
10-9-13 Blencathra, Gategill Fell Top, Blease Fell
22-9-13 Thack Moor, Watch Hill (Graystone Edge) Two
29-9-13 Skiddaw, Bakestall, Broad End
5-10-13 Castle Knott (and Eskholme Pike), Calf Top, Barkin
Top, Long Bank (two summits), Brown Knott (two
summits), Two un-named summits, Holme Knott
(and subsidiary summits)
15-10-13 Holme Fell, Wetherlam, Black Sails
17-10-13 Great Sca Fell, Yard Steel (a subsidiary summit of
Great Sca Fell), Knott, High Pike
20-10-13 Clints Crags
3-11-13 Blake Fell, Low Pen, High Pen, Burnbank Fell,
Owsen Fell
10-11-13 Helvellyn, Helvellyn Lower Man, White Side, Raise
12-11-13 Latrigg
22-11-13 Skiddaw, Bakestall, Broad End, Sale How
30-11-13 Dodd, Red Pike, High Stile, High Crag
10-12-13 Lord's Seat, Ullister Hill, Barf
11-12-13 Grisedale Pike, Hobcarton End
29-12-13 Herdus (Great Borne)

Ascents of Binsey

  12th August 1980, Stob Ban summit, Mamores. Diane and Gene, Philip and Katherine too, witness a spectacular Brocken Spectre. Don't see many of them in a lifetime's fell wandering. 5th January 1998, Edna Telfer, mam of D, on her 2nd ever fell wander, (1st on Binsey), asks G what is a Brocken Spectre. Answer barely past lips of G, when Binsey summit conjures up perfect demo Brocken Spectre; D&G's 2nd (BS), Martin & Edna's 1st. ... a memorable Binsey ascent, D's 22nd. Aside from contact lens loss, (G), and various nude ascents, (D&G, sex for the use of), most Binsey, (or other), climbs become un-minded statistics. Just a few stand out. 1st ascent for D&G was first for Philip, Mark, Katherine, Simon too, while Martin was carried up at less than 2 weeks young. Martin made it on his own feet, 31st October 1988, D's G-less 5th ascent, (no pic). G witnessed M's 2nd self-propelled ascent, 22nd January 1989, (D&G's 6th), while their 7th and M's 3rd saw Barbara Robinson, mam of G, make her only ascent. D's bit of pic gallery also includes 87th, (24-10-06, summit photo appearing on G-made certificate for her featured 100th), 90th, (9-11-06) and 101st, (28-12-06). D made a pic-less ascent with son, Simon and Mary, (not a son), 1-5-05, (62nd), while her 48th ascent, in wind as high as you like, forced 8 week old grandson, Patrick, into Dad's, (Mark's), coat for shelter, while not-a-son Ann-Marie, as in mam of P, looked confidently on. D's 69th, with district nursey friend, Anne, of the Millen variety, ticked 19-2-06. Her 70th was a pic-less traverse, (Binsey Lodge to Whitrigg road),
  G trails D Binsey-wise, but hits the memorable button just the same. His 100th, (D's 121st), was a traverse, (High Ireby to A591), made with M, (22-2-09). Then came the consecutive glorious winters of 09-10 & 10-11, the former inspiring 2 white ascents of the sublime kind. 31-12-09 with Graham, Binsey demands, and gets, crampons! Without 'em ethereal Scottish summit view, (while chomping Christmas Cake), harder to see than a crampon at a mile. G went up with M, (who took the photos), 8-1-10. Snow? Just look at the pics.   (Below).

  Skiddaw is more
  prominent in the
  view from Binsey
  than Binsey is in
  the view from
  Skiddaw, but only
  if you look, or if it
  isn't too dark, or
  misty, (or both).
  Skiddaw features
  in 8 of these pics,
  can U spot 'em?
  6 pics sport east
  cairn, clearly
  growing, 3 of 'em
  show Skiddaw
too. West cairn, also growing, features twice; closely in 8th pic, unclosely, as in farly, in 20th. The chimney isn't on any of these pics, but you can see it on Geograph by clickin' links herewith.

 Binsey is in Video Play List on Page 4

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